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The work done in IT consulting has to be effective in order to make the most of your companies possibilities, so it is essential that it is done correctly and carried out by a team of experts in said field.
We are based on:

Our goal is to provide effective support and advice
in terms of technology implementations and tools
to favor the development of your business, always bearing in mind the
expectations and needs.

We are a company that has the two fundamental pillars so that process of technological evolution takes place in the most efficient way possible, these are: technology and human resources.


Blockchain is a technology that makes not only the existance of one backup copy, but multiple copies on different servers, which makes it completely secure. Since the centralization of information is eliminated with this system, because there are many backups of the data, it makes manipulation more complicated. Not only that, but this data is also encrypted.

We accompany you in the implementation and development of services based on Blockchain. For this, we provide technical knowledge that must be properly applied.

AGILE Transformation

AGILE methodologies are a catalyst for digital transformation and continuous improvement in companies.
We help you to get on board this digital transformation boat, under an agility perspective, in all areas of the company.

The pillars of Lognext’s Agile management are:

These pillars make it possible to provide value in a simple, reliable and efficient way, in a reduced time (fast time-to-market).

More information about AGILE


Methodology Role Description
Kanban Service Request Manager Responsible for managing the demand and the requirements, the needs and expectations within the Kanban system, handling the relations with the stakeholders, and support for the priorization of work load.
Service Delivery Manager Responsible for optimizing the flow of work within a Kanban methodology to ensure the fulfillment of service levels, and facilitator of the work meetings. 
Kanban Team Multifunctional team and self-managed oriented to resolution of incidences, requests, …
Scrum Scrum Master Responsible for facilitating the means required by the team, and guarantee the follow-up of the methodology organising meetings and managing blocked situations.
Product Owner Represents the business as it relates to the project, as well as the backlog or list of user needs-histories to be satisfied with the project..
Scrum Team Multifunctional team and self-managed oriented to the delivery of an increase of the project.

Ceremonies or basic meetings

Methodology Ceremony Periodicity Length Assistants
Kanban / Scrum Daily Meeting Daily 15 min ScrumTeam + SM + PO
Scrum Refinement of Backlog Weekly 30 min ScrumTeam + SM + PO
Kanban Delivery Planning 2-3 weeks 1 hour Team + SRM + SDM
Scrum Demo / Sprint Review Each Sprint 1 hour ScrumTeam + SM + PO + Stakeholders
Scrum Sprint Retrospective Each Sprint 1 hour ScrumTeam + SM + PO
Scrum Sprint Planning Each Sprint 1 hour ScrumTeam + SM + PO

Work tools

Our team has experience with different crossover work tools, of different types, such as task management tools, workflow management or Kanban boards, collaborative tools.

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