NOC: Network Operation Center Services

The proper management of a company’s network infrastructure requires the support of a network control center, also called NOC (Network Operations Centre). 

We take care of the management and administration of your company’s communications and network infrastructures from a Network Operation Center. 

We offer a comprehensive 24 x 7 service that covers 100% of the needs, from the resolution of anomalies; the coordination and management of incidents and requests; as well as the maintenance of operational service of the client’s IT infrastructure.


Systems administration

We provide our customers the optimal operation and management of their entire information systems infrastructure, through level 2 and 3 support.

We take care, for your peace of mind, of the administration, management and multiplatform monitoring, as well as the management of incidents and requests on your information systems.

Update to cloud

To carry out an update to cloud, we develop the following processes:



The Help Desk service focuses on resolving all the doubts, incidences or information that the users of your company need, acting as a point of communication between both. It is the first point of contact with your internal customers, so professionalism and quick resolution of issues is vital to keep your community satisfied.

Through a Help Desk we provide coverage and attention to users for the resolution of incidents and first level requests:


The Service Desk service provides your customers with multifunctional, technical support for the planning, structuring and organization of their own processes, that is, internal company processes.

We solve the incidences and/or requests that the users have, through great team work at the service of the client.

How we can help you?

The internal management of your company is essential to achieve an optimum performance and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We offer a level 1 and 1.5 ServiceDesk service to attend and resolve incidents and requests from internal and external users, VIPs and critical users, as well as your customers.

We also take care of:

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