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Infrastructure Management Services

Since 2014 we have been one of the main suppliers of the global IT Platform of a major bank. 

In 2016 we started managing the server infrastructure, and job positions. In the development of the project we have been constantly understanding and analyzing the needs of the bank to ensure the proper functioning of IT infrastructure and IT security environments.

Our teams have worked with services in:

Our main purpose is to ensure that the customer has all the IT infrastructure operating correctly including:


SOC Premium

The customer requires a mitigation plan to increase the preparation level for cybersecurity of the company, and improve the level of awareness of the employees.

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We are one of the main suppliers of one of the most important international organizations in Spain since 2013.


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Since 2012 we have been working with an insurance benchmark, providing different services such as development, support, systems and infrastructure management.


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IT Consultancy

We have provided a managed service for technical coverage to users since 2016, both to the organization and users associated with their sporting events.

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